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Let’s get serious….

If you are that focused, driven career professional who has suddenly lifted your head to find that the good things in life are now well within reach…you may find that you want to share those exciting moments with someone who is more than a passing fancy.
You are accustomed to getting things done on time and on budget and won’t want to use the emotional energy it may take to filter out those ‘nice…but’ candidates.
At Execumatch we ask you to trust us with some of your more personal thoughts about values, interests, life-style goals and yes!….deal-breakers. All of our clients will be well-groomed and highly presentable but we also know the value of shared experiences, common goals and your fundamental approach to life.
We are on hand to act as that friend who only wants what’s best for you – the one with the little black book which may just contain those magic numbers.
We will…
• Hugely enhance your potential for success
• Eliminate horribly awkward first dates – no unpleasant surprises (or deal-breakers)
• Prepare you thoroughly before effecting any introductions – meaning that your confidence will be sky high and you will present the most authentic version of yourself to prospective partners